Mirage GT Prices

The Mirage GT can be supplied in kit form for self-build, or as a production turnkey car. When buying a kit, these can either be supplied in one complete package or as 5 partial kits purchased in manageable stages for ease of assembly. Each stage can be purchased at any time but we would recommend purchasing them after you have completed assembly of the previous stage.

Production Cars

Production cars start from £120,000 inc VAT and are available in both RHD and LHD. We anticipate delivery time to initially be 4-6 months but hope to reduce that to 3-4 months by the end of 2017. Vehicle options and extras can be included at the time of ordering. All production cars can be delivered to any UK mainland address free of charge.

Kit Packages

The kit can be supplied in either one complete package, or supplied in 5 partial kits for manageable staged construction. These stages and their prices are as follows:

Stage 1 – Chassis kit (£15,000 inc VAT)

Includes: main chassis, uprights, wishbones, bushes, springs and dampers, steering arms, steering rack and column, track rod ends, hubs, wheel bearings, all brake components, drive shafts and diff mounting kit.

Buy Now (Only a deposit of £4,500 inc VAT is required)

Stage 2 – Mechanical/electrical kit (£13,500 inc VAT)

Includes: wheels, tyres, radiator, fans, engine cooling components, heater matrix, propshaft, lightened flywheel, all fuel components including tank, full loom and fuse box, ECU & management loom, battery, throttle body kit and linkage, complete exhaust system, air filter kit, windscreen washer pump and reservoir, horn kit and gear linkage kit.

Buy Now (Only a deposit of £4,050 inc VAT is required)

Stage 3 – Body kit and externals (£12,100 inc VAT)

Includes: complete 1 piece body shell, all other body panels, body mounting panels, all hinges, all catches, release cables, inner wheel arches, door handles, door courtesy switches, door striker plates and check straps, door locks, grille surround and centre, all wing vents and all lights and fitting kits.

Buy Now (Only a deposit of £3,630 inc VAT is required)

Stage 4 – Interior kit (£5,000 inc VAT)

Includes: dash mouldings, mounting brackets, glove box and lid, seats, seat runners, headrests, sun visors, all interior door handles, window winders and regulators, steering column and components, steering wheel, seat belts, demist vents, interior mirror, instrument set and senders.

Buy Now (Only a deposit of £1,500 inc VAT is required)

Stage 5 – Exterior finishing kit (£4,390 inc VAT)

Includes: all window glass, window frames, window surrounds, window channels, all seals, weather strips and clips, bonnet stops, bonnet finisher, door mirror, wiper arms and blades.

Buy Now (Only a deposit of £1,317 inc VAT is required)

Note: The above parts list is only a summary. All of the required parts are included within each of the stages. All prices are correct as of 2017 and are subject to change.
Each kit stage requires a 30% deposit before ordering.
Production cars require a 30% deposit before ordering.
Delivery of kits can be arranged at the time of ordering. We can also ship worldwide.
Additional shipping costs will apply.

Mirage GT Build Video Series

Latest Video: Stage Two, Wheels and Splined Adapters

The Mirage GT build video series is a comprehensive set of build videos that document the entire process of building a Mirage GT from start to finish.

The purpose of these videos is to guide the home kit builder (regardless of their level of experience) easily through the build process.