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Do you offer finance?

We are currently in discussions with several finance companies, so we hope to be able to offer you finance on production cars soon.

Will the Mirage GT pass IVA testing?

Yes. We provide an IVA compatible kit on loan to help pass the test.

Will I get a Q plate?

No. If you use the donor engine, gearbox and diff, then you should be issued an age related registration based on the year of the donor. If a new engine, gearbox and diff are used, then you should be issued a new registration.

Do I need to buy anything else with a production car?

No. A production car is completely finished, registered and ready to drive away. Production cars come with fully rebuilt (to 'as new specifications') engines, gearboxes and differentials. You just need to decide on the engine size when ordering.

What engine can I have?

The chassis has been designed to fit the BMW straight six M52/M54 alloy block engine and gearbox. These can be found in various donor cars such as: 325, 328, 330, Z3, Z4, 525, 528 or 530. The 330 e46 being the preferred option.

Can I fit a different engine, V8 or V12?

Yes and no. It may be possible to fit different engines but the chassis has been specifically designed to accept the BMW straight six engine and gearbox. During design, several other V8 and V12 engine options were considered, but the BMW straight six was deemed to give the perfect weight distribution and driving experience.

Can I use the standard engine and management system?

Yes you can, however this may require small changes to the vehicle loom and will detract from the overall driving experience. Not something we recommend but can be easily done.

Can I fit an automatic gearbox?

No. They are too wide for the chassis tunnel.

How is the chassis made?

The chassis is our own innovatively designed multi-tubular backbone structure with additional front and rear crumple zones. The main body of the chassis is 16 gauge with sections around the engine bay in 14 gauge. The entire chassis is rotary laser cut and coded TIG welded before being shot blasted and given a 2 stage primer/powder coating.

Is the car MSA race compliant?

Yes. The vehicle can be built to be MSA race compliant at the time of ordering. Or afterwards by just adding additional 4 point harness mountings to the chassis.

Can I buy a kit or a production car?

Yes. We supply a kit in 5 straightforward stages that will be accompanied by a comprehensive build manual and many hours of build videos.

Production cars can be ordered in either LHD or RHD form. Build times for production cars will be approximately 4-6 months initially.

What colours can I have?

If Mirage Automotive are going to be preparing and painting the car, then any colour you wish. Some of the traditional colours were: Giallo Fly, Rosso and Rob Walker Blue.

Can I have a LHD or RHD car?

Yes. We can supply either LHD or RHD kits or production cars.

What additional options can I have?

Radio/CD player, air conditioning, LSD, bumpers, alloy filler cap, flared arches, remote central locking and heated seats.

Do you supply bumpers?

Yes. We can supply bumpers as an option.

Can I have an external fuel filler?

Yes. We can supply an alloy fuel filler as an option.

Can I have flared arches?

Yes. We offer these as an option.

What wheel options are there?

185/15 6” or 7” alloy or stainless rims.