Car 1 passes IVA test

6 JUL 2017

Well… we’ve only gone and done it! The first car has successfully passed its IVA test, after only 3 minor fails the first time!

Most of us accept nowadays, that first time IVA passes never happen, even with kits that have been manufactured for several years. So despite building and designing this car with the IVA manual in hand, we expected something to trip us up. A small radius here, a sharp edge over there. But annoyingly (I guess) the minor things it did fail on shouldn’t have been an issue anyway.

So what did it fail on?

  1. No N/S mirror meant that the visible areas around the car were borderline passable
  2. Emissions. These were all over the place despite a rolling road session where they were supposedly set up correctly
  3. Handbrake slightly too much travel

So with all the above resolved, it flew through the re-test in under 15 minutes.

Now onto the last phase of the process, awaiting the registration documents which will allow us to get it on the road legally and be able to release it for customer test drives (hopefully the end of this month)!

In other news, the first production chassis has been delivered and looks fantastic! To say we are pleased with the outcome and the quality of the first production chassis is an understatement. We will update the website with some detailed pictures and a detailed 3D interactive model of the chassis, once it gets to the studio.