Emission changes and what they could mean

27 MAR 2018

By now you will have probably heard something about the proposed emission changes that the government is trying to bring into effect. Although there seems to be a lot of uncertainty across the automotive industry, the basic proposal is as follows:

From July this year, or whenever the government brings in the changes, any vehicle registered in the UK using any of the valid current registration routes (new or kit converted vehicles being the main one for us), will be subject to current emission regulations.

As it stands today, the emissions at the time of IVA are based on the year of the donor engine, but these proposed changes means that all emissions must adhere to current Euro 6 regulations regardless on the year of engine.

But it’s not all bad news… for us anyway!

One of the many reasons we chose the BMW straight 6 for the Mirage GT was its reliability and cleanliness in terms of emissions when compared to the other alternatives we were considering. Today, a well running BMW M54 engine, would scrape through a Euro 6 emissions test and with the changes we are currently making to the engines, Jenvey DOCE throttle bodies, custom exhaust and air filter setup and a custom engine management, we are confident that these proposed emission changes won’t affect us.

So if you are looking to pick up a donor car soon, an e46 BMW (M54 engine) is what we recommend.