Who are we?

Mirage Automotive Developments Ltd was founded in late 2016 with the sole purpose of disrupting the classic car scene. A family run business at heart, the vision of the company was to design and manufacture a modern engineered two-seater GT that is fun and responsive to drive, while making it look and feel like it belonged in the early 60s.

Prior to the formation of the company, the initial design of the GT started back in 2011, where extensive design and modelling resulted in two early prototypes that have shaped the current production models. Since the early designs, the GT has evolved bringing with it an exceptional mix of traditional craftsmanship and appropriate modern technology.

“Modern day car design seems to have got stuck about 15 years ago. Everything looks the same nowadays. Even with the advancements in material design, I don’t know why all new cars are so heavy?” Terry Whiteman – Executive Director



Since the company opened the GT up to international markets in 2020, demand has continued to increase and the company has now outgrown it’s North Wales base. A new permament home is currently being contructed over the border in Shropshire, England.

“We are in the process of building a permanent home in Shropshire, which will allow the current GT to be manufactured with ever greater levels of quality. This will also give us a fantastic base to start building our new alternative fuelled GT in the coming years.” Matthew Potts – Managing Director